About Us

HarborSays is a healthtech community-driven blog that is a rostrum for ideas rebuilding healthcare with technology from ground zero. We are passionate about addressing grass-root-level issues and want to share our thoughts & ideas with our readers.
We also welcome our readers to connect with us, with their next big idea, their dreams and share their passions with us for creating a health tech ecosystem that is open for all which will transform our industry for the better, we will add extra caffeine to our diets to make it a reality.
We aim that this community will add value to care delivery, especially in India by providing a space for all the concerns related to care. Let’s create better healthtech for all. While one eye will be on the future of healthcare and technology in India, we will also explore the journey of our industry. Let us relive the golden moments from the past, which made our industry in the form it exists today.

HArbor is the healthtech platform behind HArborSays, which is empowering medicos to facilitate care in the rural & urban areas with utmost diligence and sincerity.

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HArborSays is the driving force for creating a community-driven healthcare system focused on solving grassroots level issues in India. Be a part of this community and contribute to rebuilding care-giving processes, which are accessible to everyone from anywhere.