Fresh out of a Medical College? 

Here’s what you should expect & do while creating your identity in Healthcare industry — literally and figuratively! 

A highly intricate course – Medicine is exceptionally competitive. Even though only a few candidates pull through their residency, they often get entangled with the system processes. Apparently, there are certain things that even years of medical training don’t prepare you for! However, with healthcare changing its pace and relying on technology more than ever, you must get acquainted with the ‘REAL’ healthcare world.

For a doctor, some days are more teary than the others, but it is unfortunate when you have been overlooked during the healthcare system’s handpicking. The system usually prefers candidates with specialisation degrees, which shouldn’t be a problem if you can invest time and money to get it all done. However, if you’re dreaming of starting medical practice right after the MBBS, unfortunately this funneling limits your options. Then, what should a ‘mere MBBS’ graduate do? How about —

Study or prepare for masters while making money!

Interesting right? As easy as it sounds, it is a tried and tested method that has been adopted by many but has also disappointed quite a few. Let us rephrase – hustling between the PG coaching centres and making appearances at a nearby polyclinic as an intern will burn you out! Did you know – only 2-4% of a batch secures a seat in their first attempt immediately after graduating. And, the cycle of attempting to grab that PG seat will continue to burn you out while coaching centres monetize your misery. 

Sadly, it’s difficult to get through a PG entrance exam without good guidance, but starting a virtual OPD centre can be a dazzling alternative to practice and getting paid. Virtual care practice facilitates you to consult patients according to your convenience and helps you save your precious time while preparing for your masters. Now, not only can you consult patients from anywhere at any time, you can slowly build up your clientele and keep adding more to the list using a simple application. 

  • Invest for your future medical practice while earning in present

Virtual consultations  have been witnessing an action-packed period and if you’re willing to invest a little more into standalone healthcare modules, you can have your OPD in any part of the country. Just like a clinic on wheels but better, as these healthcare Kiosks are assisted telemedicine  which can be handled by a paramedic or trained nurse. You can even collaborate with fellow MBBS colleagues and this kind of a clinic can be up and running in no time. Once you complete your masters, you’ll already have a set-up ready to branch out, benefiting you in multi-folds. 

In a country where medical courses become a family’s ‘cosmic concern’, it gets even worse with family owned care facilities. Often, family healthcare businesses can be plattered as an expectations-attached heirloom. Unlike any other family business, Healthcare family businesses often expect ‘next in kin’ doctors to level up the game. Reduce the operational costs, expand the care reach while generating revenues and ease the pain of long-working hours. Introducing smart care facility management is a good way to start the process of levelling up your generation’s old family medical business. 

Introducing a smart clinic management solution will assist you with day-in and day-out management processes and align the care facility with your future goals. Be it expanding  into a clinic chain or enhancing patient reach, finding a healthtech tech platform should be your first course of action while joining the family healthcare team.

More so, it is to note that the focus of change isn’t changing care practices but advancing healthcare delivery while creating a value-based healthcare system. 

At this point, the road towards value-based care has put forward several opportunities as well as challenges for Indian healthcare practices. Today, your patient is relatively less interested in paying for services only but is more aware of the overall care experience. Believe it or not, healthtech can assist you in keeping your patients satisfied with continued care, eliminating fragmentation and creating easily accessible medical facilities. And, a healthtech platform does it rather tirelessly and with precision!

HArbor Says:

The bottom line is, You did it — you’re finally out of medical school! It’s been a long and tough journey, but you made it. As you may have already noticed, the healthcare industry is vastly growing and changing every day. From a practice standpoint, it can be a bit of a challenge for new grads to find their way in this industry. The smartest move here would be to invest your time in building your skills, meanwhile gradually investing in creating your own brand.